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We believe the best events are those where you have given us guidelines.  Our DJ's are skilled at blending different kinds of music in such a way to ensure everyone's musical taste is satisfied.

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Customized Systems for Technical Venues:
What is technical? Some venues will have the ceremony in a wine cave or in the middle of a vineyard with no electrical (examples: BR Cohn & Copain Wineries, then you and your guests will transition to a beautiful cocktail terrace and then enter another location on  the same property a courtyard or great lawn for dinner (examples: Trentadue & St. Francis Winery or Mayacama Country Club). This becomes technical and complex for Dj set ups. We have over the years built enough experience at each of these resorts and wineries to know specific locations for each piece of equipment to be set up, factored time management, for the best audio opportunities and aesthetic appeal (equipment not likely to be in photographers lenses during important moments)   

We can easily work on the same venue multiple terraces, barrel & tasting rooms where you want the music consistent from location to location. 

Tools to assist you in making your wedding a complete success, you will find below our planning tools, when you click on music database you can type in artists and titles but I would suggest looking at the updated "Most Requested Songs" You will find the most current Top 200 songs being played at most events. Print it out and highlight your favorites. On the average you will have about 20 songs per hour for dancing. Have fun and I would suggest that you think generational for the first 30 to 45 minutes of your open dancing. If you have any questions call me at the office and I will be more than happy to assist you. Thank you again, Jeff    

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